What Are Blindbolts?

Blindbolts are a range of mechanical fixings which can handle good tensile and shear loads. They are designed to safely handle loads which are slightly less than a standard bolt. Design resistances are available on our tech data page. The Blindbolt is the only truly removable fixing which can be re installed without the need to purchase a new bolt. The HD bolt and TW bolt are very fast and easy to install but not removable.


Blindbolts work in a number of different ways. The original Blindbolt is gravity operated with a toggle that rotates around a non-load bearing pivot pin. This bolt is removable and can be used in the horizontal and vertically down positions.

The HD bolt and TW bolts are expansion bolts and are not orientation sensitive so can be used in any position or angle. The HD ( Heavy Duty ) bolt is designed specifically for structural connections and the TW (Thin Wall ) bolt is for light steel frame connections.

Blindbolts are available from any of our Worldwide distributor network. A full list can be viewed on our Worldwide distributor page and viewed on Google maps.

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