The technical innovations offered by the Blind Bolt are set out in detail throughout this site. Thanks to a combination of engineering innovation, new ways of thinking and manufacturing quality, it provides a solution to blind fixing issues which is effective, affordable and versatile.

Perhaps even more important than the excellence of the Blind Bolt itself is the huge number of applications for which it provides the perfect solution. Every day our clients come up with new and innovative ways of taking advantage of the unique properties of Blind Bolts, and our global distribution system means that it is impacting on design, architecture and building choices in all corners of the world.

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From heavy duty bolts to thin wall bolts, our blind fasteners operate in the widest range of conditions, and the fact that they can be used as blind fixings without the need for specialised tools or oversized holes means that they can be used when other solutions would cause costly delays.

From joining hollow sections to fixing cladding and facades, Blind Bolt fasteners provide the security of a solution which will stand the test of time and deal with any circumstances. Difficult or specialist environments such as working in marinas or tasks like holding masonry support systems in place are ideally suited to our blind fixings, and we’re constantly looking for new ways in which Blind Bolt fasteners can make the lives of designers, architects, builders and engineers easier and more productive.

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Take a look through our range of applications and find the Blind Bolt solution you need.

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