Heavy Duty Bolt

The HD, or Heavy Duty Bolt was developed to address the need for a shorter blind fixing with improved performance where a shear plane would fall across the legs of a Blind Bolt.

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Heavy Duty Bolts

With its expanding base and unique pin locking mechanism the HD bolt is the idea fixing solution between heavy weight steel sections. The HD bolt employs a simple activation method designed to reduce installation time and expense. A hammer and a spanner are all thats required to activate the Heavy Duty Bolt removing the need for costly specialist equipment required with similar products.

HD Steel Fixings

HD Fasteners

HD Fixings

  • Quick and easy to install Hd2.
  • No oversized hole required.
  • Finished with Geomet 500B coating giving 1000 hours salt spray protection.
  • Increased assembly efficiency.
  • Unique pin locking design.

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For detailed information on installation, please view our Heavy Duty Bolt Installation guide, Heavy Duty Bolt Fitting Instructions.

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