Blind Bolts For Docks

What Materials Are Used in Dock Construction?

What Materials Are Used in Dock Construction? Blindbolt UK | 3rd December 2020 Marine Dock In the marine industry, dock construction is vitally important. These areas are the connection between land and water, and due to their nature, they need to be strong, durable, and above all else, safe. You might think this narrows their…

Blind Bolt Fixing

What Is the Difference Between A Blind Bolt and A Blind Rivet?

Blind bolt fasteners will help with the neat and efficient application in many different parts of industry.

Wall Cladding Blind Bolts

Blind Bolts; The Ultimate Wall Cladding Fixing Solution

Blind bolts have quickly become a firm choice within the construction industry for providing both the extreme tensile strength and flexibility of application so often demanded by modern projects.

Blind Bolt Fastners

Future of the Fasteners

The Future of the Fasteners Blindbolt UK | 14th October 2020 Blind Bolts Despite all the events of this year, the global engineering and construction industry is only set to grow. With growth comes innovation, and there are already plenty of new products and developments taking the market by storm, improving the quality and ease…

Blind Bolts Featured Image

Three Applications Blind Bolts Are Used For

Three Applications Blind Bolts Are Used For Blindbolt UK | 9th October 2020 Blind Bolts Blind bolts are the unsung heroes of our industrial times. These little fasteners are used across the globe in hundreds of industries and businesses, and you may not even realise it. Blind bolt fasteners are one of the things keeping…


5 Innovative materials that are changing the construction industry

In the world of construction, leading companies are always looking to find ways to get things done a lot more efficiently and with greater quality. The idea is to provide the best possible results in the best possible time.