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Creating the overall structure of a building is sometimes the simplest part of the work of an architect or builder especially when dealing with HVAC, Structural Issues, Elevators and even Cable Management Systems.

Blind Bolts for Building Services

Once the outer shell is up and ready, applications such as HVAC systems, electrical equipment, suspended ceilings, pipework, elevators, cable management and sprinkler systems need to be fitted.

Putting systems such as these in place needs to be done as quickly as possible to make a building operational, at the same time as meeting all necessary legislative standards and being robust enough to remain in place without requiring anything more than regular maintenance.

Blind Bolts mean that any building services can be put in place quickly and easily without specialised equipment having to be used, and the versatility of the method means that all parts of a building will be accessible at the same time.

Blind Bolt Building Services
Building Services Sector


Blind Bolts have been used for scaffolding where access is only available from one side.

Thanks to the unique properties of Blind Bolts, they have been used to secure scaffolding to new build projects primarily during the construction of the steel skeleton found in many industrial and commercial units.

The quickie release anchor system means that the bolts can be installed and removed efficiently without damage to the holding material.

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