Civil Engineering

In the 8 years since it was invented the Blind Bolt fixing solution has transformed the possibilities of civil engineering with Buildings, Marine, the Rail Industry and Stations and Construction internationally.

Civil Engineering Solutions

Architects, designers and builders now know that there is no such thing as an inaccessible join or a structure which can’t be attempted because the component parts can’t be attached safely. Whether it involves fixing the underside of the span of a bridge without needing to erect large scaffolding support systems, repairing the roof of a sports stadium without having to close the facility down or completing a multi-million pound construction project on time and under budget, Blind Bolts provide an efficient, affordable fixing system for the civil engineering sector.

No oversized holes and an application process which amounts to drill, rotate and tighten mean that Blind Bolts can be fixed in circumstances which would previously have called for the use of welding, a much less stable and predictable solution.

Blind Bolts open up the range of connections and load bearing structures which can be created, and expand the possibilities open to everyone within the civil engineering sector, from private companies to government projects.

Civil Engineering Sector Blind Bolt


M16 x 90mm Blind Bolts were used by Mastclimbers Ltd on the Equinox Project in the City of Glasgow.

The anchor system was used to tie mastclimber work platforms into tubular steel, saving any welding having to be carried out onsite.

Blind Bolts therefore were faster and easier to install, saving time and money.


Our blind fasteners are geared towards the erection of structures using girders and large beams.

These beams are bolted together with blind fasteners.

Blind Bolts product range is ideal for structural engineering throughout airports and other buildings such as sports stadiums, train stations and shopping centres.

Civil Engineering Sector
Civil Engineering Sector Blind Bolt


Blind Bolts have achieved certified acceptance as a high-performance fixing solution for installing AWS units onto steel sleepers.

The advantages of the Blind Bolt were identified by Signal and Track engineers when designing the AWS system and installation. The only way of securing the unit to the steel sleepers in between the rails without welding was to use M20 Blind Bolts. This procedure was approved by Network Rail and the Blind Bolt is now used extensively throughout the UK on all AWS systems.

Marinas & Ship Construction

Blind Bolts are ideal for many marine fixing applications.

The Blind bolt has been used in a wide range of civil engineering sectors including marine and ship construction. BlindBolts have been used in several fixing applications from harbours to mooring points.

The unique one sided fixing method allows fixing to steel grids, posts and even wooden decks with suitable strength & support.

Civil Engineering Marine Blind Bolt
Civil Engineering Wind Farms Blind Bolt

Wind Farm - Renewable Energy Fastening Solutions

No matter the energy source, power and energy providers throughout the world rely on a multitude of fastening solutions every day. They include threaded inserts, standard and unique nut products, screw thread inserts, breakstem rivets, self-locking thread systems, torque tool solutions, and drawn-arc welding systems.

To eliminate welding during the assembly of the power converter, electric generator and control equipment, the customer now uses Avdel®'s Monobolt® and Avibulb® breakstem rivets for the assembly of the external body housing and external frames. For the fixing of internal frames and mounting parts Crimptite® self-tapping screws are used. Elimiating the welding process, the customer can now outsource stages of the assembly process to external workshops.

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