Although Blind Bolts are in use across a huge range of industries, these industries all have a few things in common.

Mining Sector Blind Bolt

Blind Bolts for The Mining Industry

The mining industry makes use of Blind Bolts for all of these reasons and more. It can be taken for granted that construction and maintenance operations within the mining industry have to take place in difficult conditions and corrosive environments. Water, dust and other factors are likely to impact negatively upon any fixtures and fittings used, so the fact that Blind Bolts can withstand such conditions makes them the obvious choice.

In addition to this, the mining industry is likely to make use of multiple conveyors, track systems and lifts in order to move materials from one part of a property to another, particularly when preparing goods for shipping. The first imperative of such systems is that they are strong enough to deal with the loads being carried and robust enough to cope with constant movement and vibration. Blind Bolts meet both of these criteria but also offer a huge third advantage. Because Blind Bolts offer secure fixing without the need to weld the parts of a conveyor together, they are the ideal choice for an industry such as mining in which the route a conveyor takes may have to be change at extremely short notice. Temporary conveyors can be set up and taken down at very short notice, and all with the absolute minimum of disruption to the wider mining activity.

Mini Tracks Blind Bolt
Mining Sector Blind Bolt

They all need a fixing solution which they can rely on to offer strength and durability. They all require fastenings that come in a selection of sizes and types and they all appreciate the fact that Blind Bolts can be applied quickly and easily without the need to use specialist equipment or adapted drilling holes.

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