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Structures operating within the energy industry face particular challenges that our Blind Fasteners offer a unique solution, especially with Offshore, Refinery, Waste & Water Handling and Wind Farms.

How Are Blind Bolts Are Used in The Oil and Gas Industry?

Offshore oil platforms for example, have to be robust enough to withstand not only the battering handed out by the elements miles out to sea but also the corrosive nature of the sea water itself. This applies to the design of the structure, the materials used and the building methods applied. Blind Bolt fixings are the ideal solution for the oil and gas sectors for a number of reasons. The first of these is the simply the high tensile and shear strength they offer. The second is the ease with which Blind Bolts can be applied. When working on the kind of conditions found on oil rigs, gas pipes or wind farms, it is vital that any repairs or construction can be carried out quickly in even the most difficult to reach spots. The simple drill, rotate and tighten operation of Blind bolts makes this possible.

The third and perhaps most important reason for choosing Blind Bolts when working in the oil and gas industry is quite simply the range of purposes to which they can be put. Standard Blind Bolts come in a variety of sizes to begin with, but our commitment to providing what our customers need means that we also supply a range of bespoke fixings for use in highly specialised circumstances.

Oil & Gas Sector Blind Bolt
Oil & Gas Sector Blind Bolt

Repair and servicing companies offering pipeline construction and repair appreciate the ease with which Blind Bolts can be applied in even the most inaccessible areas of any project within the oild and gas sector. The sheer strength and durability of Blind Bolts makes them the perfect choice for high impact applications such as drilling and boring equipment, wellhead manufacture and oil extraction systems.

From large scale projects within the oil and gas sector, such as the construction of oil rigs themselves to specialised niche areas like flange and fitting suppliers, pumping and refining equipment and isolation valves and choke equipment, workers in the oil and gas industry turn to Blind Bolts time and again to fill their fixing requirements.

From construction to service, from extraction through refinement to supply, there’s every chance that the oil and petrol in your car or the heat that fills your home and workplace have been brought to you quickly, safely and efficiently thanks, at least in part, to the sheer versatility of Blind Bolts.

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