Structural Engineering

Blind Bolt fixings offer innovative solutions for engineers, designers and builders across the face of the globe.

The Use of Blind Bolts in Structural Engineering

The simplicity of the method means that they can be used in parts of a structure which would otherwise be inaccessible, and the fact that they require no special equipment to utilise makes them the quick and simple choice for geographically problematic locations.

Blind Bolts offer fixing solutions for hollow sections, support systems and cladding and facades, and in all cases they can be applied without the need for over-sized holes.

Structural Engineering Sector Blind Bolt
Structural Engineering Sector Blind Bolt

Blind Bolts make it possible to fit components such as beams, flooring and roofing with the minimum of disruption, saving time and money and allowing designers and architects to devise innovative solutions to previously impossible challenges.

The use of Blind Bolts transforms every stage of structural engineering, from the blue prints on the page to the working conditions on site.

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