The Blind Bolt

Thanks to the unique flexibility of the Blind Bolt we are constantly finding new areas where the product can save time and money, as well as increasing our range of sizes to suit your requirements.

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The Blind Bolt Fixings

The Blind Bolt brings exceptional qualities to the market in that it has transcended the first generation of blind fixings and fasteners become a product that is widely utilised throughout the construction industry. There aren't many fixing products which can change the way designers and architects think, but we can honestly state that about our blind bolts.

No longer is fixing into a girder cavity or box section a problem. The Blind Bolt has provided a solid solution whilst also reducing costs, in most cases. The Blind Bolt is now being used in areas where never expected and we are sure there are many more uses for the system.

For detailed information on installation or removal, please view our Installation and removal guide Blind Bolt Fitting Instructions

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Blind Bolt Fixing

How to Fit a Blind Bolt

When you want a fastener, you need something that is long-lasting and requires little maintenance. That way, you can quickly and efficiently complete projects without having to worry. You know that the quality is guaranteed, which is why blind bolts have increased in popularity in a short space of time.

However, to fit a blind bolt isn’t as straightforward as twisting it into a hole. To ensure you do it correctly, you must factor in everything from the size of the hole, length of the joint, angle, and necessary tools. When you do that, you know that a bolt won’t fail over time.

  1. Measure the Hole Size

    The size of the hole determines two things - the length of the blind bolt and the length of the grip. They aren’t the same, which is why it’s essential to factor both into your considerations since both affect the solidity of a joint. In short, a bolt that is too big or small for a hole could loosen. Usually, the supplier should provide you with a guide that you can use to determine the right length. Also, you can invest in grip gauges. With a meter, you can drill a hole and check which sizes are suitable.

  2. Figure Out the Best Type Of Blind Bolt

    One of the benefits of a blind bolt can also be a potential pitfall. With so many types to choose from, it’s tough to know which variation is the best for the job. From hollow wall to heavy-duty bolts, you’ll find them all online and in-stores, so you must understand what to buy before you head to the checkout. The key is to match the bolt to the project. For example, an M8 diameter has a tension and shear capacity of 9.8pt and 14.6ps, whereas an M30 is 174.5 and 224.0, respectively. Therefore, if you’re looking for something that can handle high pressures, the M30 is a smart choice.

  3. Invest in Proper Equipment

    You can install blind bolts with a screwdriver and plenty of elbow grease. As much as you try, the joint won’t be flush, and this impacts the tensile and shear strength of the bolt. It’s vital to invest in power and hydraulic tools that can quickly and easily push the bolt into place. Aside from ensuring maximum strength and efficiency, it also provides a professional finish as nothing will hang out or come away from the seal. If you use hand-held tools, be sure they provide enough power.

  4. Remove It If It’s Not Right

    The seal should be flush. If it isn’t, you must remove it and start again to make sure that it’s positioned correctly. A simple fix is to loosen the bolt and push it further into the hole. That way, the grip should be tighter. Otherwise, it’s worth considering if you’re using the correct fastener as it can impact the installation process. Check out our installation and removal videos for more information. Blind bolts are incredibly effective and affordable assets when appropriately used.

  5. Bolted Shut

    Blind bolts offer flexibility, allowing us to increase the range of sizes of our blind bolt fixings to fit your requirements. As well as this, thanks to the flexibility of the blind bolt, we are constantly able to find brand new areas where our products can save you time and money.

    Blind Bolt Fixings