All too often the work of architects and designers is constrained by the practical demands of building. Our Blind Fixings however offer an ideal solution to Cladding & Facades, Architectural Construction, Visitor Centres and Shopping Centres.

Architectural Blind Fixings

The most free thinking and innovative ideas can be held in check by the limitations of building materials and, in particular, construction techniques.

This is particularly the case when issues of budgetary and timetable constraints have to be taken into account.

Blind Bolts, on the other hand, make it possible to apply distinctive design techniques such as cladding and facades, curtain walls and visually appealing external structures, as well as making it simple to use aesthetically pleasing components such as hollow sections.

Architectural Sectors Blind Bolt
Architectural Sector Blind Bolt

The fact that Blind Bolts can be fitted without having to drill extra holes or use specialist equipment means that the price of construction is kept lower, freeing more of the budget to be spent on architectural embellishments.

The flexibility offered by Blind Bolts means that they are particularly popular with designers and architects working on constructions such as shopping centres and visitors centres. Centres of this kind can be created with all of the architectural features intended without driving the project over budget or schedule.

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